kaṭaimuṭi (கடைமுடி)

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[[Note 1 (VMS, 1_111):
This shrine is now known as "Kīḻaiyūr". It is a four miles south-east of Tiruniṉṟiyūr which is itself two miles north-east of Āṉanta Tāṇtavapuram R.S. Southern Railways. It is one mile to the north west of Naṉipaḷḷi, the birth-place of the mother of Ñāṉacampantar]]

[[Note 2 (VMS, 1_111):
Kaṭaimuṭi: This is commonly believed to be the place now known as Kīḻaiyūr, which is five miles to the east of āṉanta tāṇṭavapuram railway station Tanjore Dt. But M.Raghava Ayyar thinks that this decade of verses is on tirucceṉṉampūṇti, a mile and a half east of Kōvilaṭi, Tanjore Dt. The inscriptions which belong to the 9th and 10th centuries mention the god as tirukkaṭaimuṭi makātēvār and the shrine as tirukkaṭaimuṭi'. There is another shrine by name tiruccaṭaimuṭi which is mentioned in Appar tēvāram where both the names are found in one and the same stanza. This Caṭaimuṭi is to the north of Kōvilaṭi (ref. Collection of essays, p.280-284, 2nd edition, march 1964)]]

[[Note 3 (jlc): according to Dr R. Nagaswamy's Tamil Arts Academy web site, the ARE (Annual Report on Epigraphy) reference is: year 1901, inscriptions 282-303 {Thiruchchennampundi (திருச்சின்னம்பூண்டி)}
Cf. Tanjavur District Inscriptions]]

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