ālaṅkāṭu ( ஆலங்காடு)

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Note (VMS1_45): This shrine is also known by the name of Paḻaiyaṉūr Ālaṅkāṭu; this village is very near Ālaṅkāṭu; there is one verse in the palmleaf manuscript of Peruṅkatai which mentions that one Ciṉṉaṭaiñcāṉ of this village searched for the Peruṅkatai and had it copied. Dr.U.V.Swaminatha Ayyar edition, preface P.XXXVIII, 3rd edition, 1953. The story of one Nīli who treacherously killed her husband is mentioned in Cēkkiḻār Purāṇam which is an addendum to Periya Purāṇam, verse 15

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