paḻaiyāṟai vaṭataḷi (பழையாறை வடதளி)

Abbreviations and orientation information   

Note: compare with the explainations given about the name of paṭṭīccuram in VMS3_073.

Note (VMS, 5_58): after visiting Āvaṭutuṟai, Nāvukkaracar came to Paḻaiyāṟai but it was hidden by amaṇar; Navukkaracar took a vow to fast until he visited the Lord in the temple; the lord informed the ruler of the country some signs about the existence of the temple. He came there and annihilated the amaṇar. The King built a vimāṉam and made endownments for worship; Nāvukkaracar worshipped the lord in this shrine.

  1. Patikam 5_58