ciṟṟēmam (சிற்றேமம்)

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[[(Note about the shrine (VMS): This shrine is now known as Ciṟṟāmpūr, Ciṟṟāymur and Eḻilūr Nēmam. Researchers say that there is a railway station by name "Tirucciṟṟampalam", in Paṭṭukkōṭṭai taluk in Tanjavur Dt. The inscriptions in Tirucciṟṟampalam name the place as "Tirucciṟṟēmam". But the inscriptions in Ciṟṟāymur mention the name of that place as "Ciṟṟāmur". The [researchers] affirm that the shrine which is mentioned as "Ciṟṟēmam" in Tēvāram should be Tirucciṟṟampalam.]]

[[Additional Note (jlc): according to Dr R. Nagaswamy's Tamil Arts Academy web site, the summaries of the Sittayamur (Sittambur) [சித்தாய்மூர்] (Thirutturaippundi) inscriptions were published in the 1926 ARE (Annual Report on Epigraphy published by the Government Epigraphist for India) [inscription numbers 165-168] and the summaries of the Thiruchchittambalam (Thiruchchirrambalam) [திருச்சிற்றம்பலம்] (Pattukkottai) inscriptions were also published in the 1926 ARE [inscription numbers 176-193] (cf. the following chart)]

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