kurukāvūr (veḷḷaṭai) [குருகாவூர் (வெள்ளடை)]

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[[NOTE (VMS, 7_29):
There is an anecdote in the life of cuntarar connected with this decade of verses. When cuntarar was going towards Kurukāvūr, he was very much tired due to hunger and thirst. God improvised a pantal where he kept food and water and supplied cuntarar and his retinue of devotees with them. After a short nap, to his amazement, cuntarar saw that every thing had vanished as a dream. The word இத்தனை in this stanza and the phrase பாடுவார் பசிதீர்ப்பார் in the 3rd stanza refer to this]]

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