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Book chapters

PLOTON P., PÉLISSIER R., BARBIER N., PROISY C., RAMESH B.R. and COUTERON P., 2013. Canopy Texture Analysis for Large-Scale Assessments of Tropical Forest Stand Structure and Biomass, In: Lowman M., Devy S., Ganesh T. (ed), Treetops at Risk : Challenges of Global Canopy Ecology and Conservation, Springer, New York, p. 237-245, ISBN: 978-1-4614-7160-8. [Publisher link]
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RAMESH B.R., COUTERON P., BOURGEON G. and MUTHUSANKAR G., 2007. Physical and bioclimatic features of the selected landscapes, In: Ramesh B.R., Gurukkal R. (ed), Forest Landscape of the Southern Western Ghats, India. Biodiversity, Human Ecology and Management Strategies, Collection Ecologie; 40, Institut Français de Pondichéry, Pondicherry, p. 17-28, ISBN: 978-81-8470-155-5. [Publisher link]
BALASUBRAMANIAN M., COUTERON P. and KARUNAKARAN P.V., 2007. Richness of vertebrates and spatial features of selected large mammals and arboreal fauna, In: Ramesh B.R., Gurukkal R. (ed), Forest Landscape of the Southern Western Ghats, India. Biodiversity, Human Ecology and Management Strategies, Collection Ecologie; 40, Institut Français de Pondichéry, Pondicherry, p. 73-96. [Publisher link]
KARUNAKARAN P.V., COUTERON P., RAMESH B.R. and ARAVAJY S., 2007. Stand and floristic structural variability of natural vegetation, In: Ramesh B.R., Gurukkal R. (ed), Forest Landscape of the Southern Western Ghats, India. Biodiversity, Human Ecology and Management Strategies, Collection Ecologie; 40, Institut Français de Pondichéry, Pondicherry, p. 53-71. [Publisher link]

Peer-reviewed journal articles

MUNOZ F., RAMESH B.R. and COUTERON P., 2014. How do habitat filtering and niche conservatism affect community composition at different taxonomic resolutions?, Ecology, 95 (8) : 2179–2191. [Publisher link]
ANTIN C., PÉLISSIER R., VINCENT G. and COUTERON P., 2013. Crown allometries are less responsive than stem allometry to tree size and habitat variations in an Indian monsoon forest, Trees - Structure and Function, 27 (5) : 1485-1495, DOI: 10.1007/s00468-013-0896-7. [Publisher link]
MUNOZ F., BEERAVOLU C. R., PÉLISSIER R. and COUTERON P., 2013. Do spatially-implicit estimates of neutral migration comply with seed dispersal data in tropical forests?, Plos One, 8 (8) : e72497, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0072497. [Publisher link]
ALLOUIS T., DURRIEU S., VEGA C. and COUTERON P., 2013. Stem Volume and above-ground biomass estimation of individual pine trees from LiDAR data: Contribution of full-waveform signals, IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Applied Earth Observations and Remote Sensing, 6 (2) : 924-934, DOI: 10.1109/JSTARS.2012.2211863. [Publisher link]
PLOTON P., PÉLISSIER R., PROISY C., FLAVENOT T., BARBIER N., RAI S.N. and COUTERON P., 2012. Assessing aboveground tropical forest biomass using Google Earth canopy images, Ecological Applications, 22 (3) : 993-1003. [Publisher link]
DRAY S., PÉLISSIER R., COUTERON P., FORTIN M.-J., LEGENDRE P., PERES-NETO R., BELLIER E., BIVAND R., BLANCHET F.G. and DE CÁCERES M., 2012. Community ecology in the age of multivariate multiscale spatial analysis, Ecological Monographs, 82 (3) : 257-275. [Publisher link]
HARDY O.J., COUTERON P., MUNOZ F., RAMESH B.R. and PÉLISSIER R., 2012. Phylogenetic turnover in tropical tree communities: impact of environmental filtering, biogeography and mesoclimatic niche conservatism, Global Ecology and Biogeography, 21 (10) : 1007-1016. [Publisher link]
CHADOEUF J., CERTAIN G., BELLIER E., BAR-HEN A., COUTERON P., MONESTIEZ P. and BRETAGNOLLE V., 2011. Estimating inter-group interaction radius for point processes with nested spatial structures, Computational Statistics and Data Analysis, 55 (1) : 627-640. [Publisher link]
GAUCHEREL C., BALASUBRAMANIAN M., KARUNAKARAN P.V., RAMESH B.R., MUTHUSANKAR G., HÉLY C. and COUTERON P., 2010. At which scales does landscape structure influence the spatial distribution of elephants in the Western Ghats (India)?, Journal of Zoology, 280 (2) : 185-194. [Publisher link]
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Conference papers (published)

KARUNAKARAN P.V., BALASUBRAMANIAN M., COUTERON P. and RAMESH B.R., 2008. Ecological analysis of spatial distributions of important wildlife species in the Western Anamalai Region (Kerala), In: Vikram Reddy M. (ed), Wildlife biodiversity conservation (Proceedings of the 'National Seminar on Wildlife Biodiversity Conservation', 13 to 15 October, 2006, a seminar conducted during the 'Bi-decennial Celebrations' of Pondicherry University), Daya Publishing House, Delhi, p. 29-34.

Theses / Dissertations / Habilitation

COUTERON P., 2006. Statistiques spatiales appliquées à l'étude de la végétation : un lien entre structures et processus dynamiques. Mémoire d'Habilitation à diriger des recherches., Université de Montpellier II, Montpellier, 69 p.. [Publisher link]


PÉLISSIER R., COUTERON P., MUNOZ F., BEERAVOLU REDDY C., AYYAPPAN N., MADELAINE-ANTIN C., BELNA K., RAMALINGAM S., RAMESH B.R. and VENUGOPAL P.D., 2008. Organisation spatiale de la diversité des arbres des forêts tropicales aux échelles régionales : enjeux méthodologiques et application dans les Ghâts occidentaux de l’Inde (OSDA). Rapport de projet, Institut Français de Pondichéry/ MEDD, Paris, 111 p.
SABATIER D., COUTERON P. and [et al.], 2007. Evaluation multi-échelles de la diversité spécifique, structurale et fonctionnelle des arbres en forêt guyanaise : prise en compte du substrat géologique, des sols et de la dynamique sylvigénétique (DIME), Rapport Final de Projet, IRD, MEDD, Paris, 122 p.. [Publisher link]
RAMESH B.R., GURUKKAL R., LO SEEN D., KARUNAKARAN P.V., BALASUBRAMANIAN M., COUTERON P. and AMRUTH M., 2005. Forest landscape analysis and management plan for Kerala. Final report, Institut Français de Pondichéry & Kerala Forest Department, Pondicherry.