PhD Scholarship announcement - Department of Ecology

PhD Scholarship announcement - Department of Ecology

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PhD Scholarship announcement



The French Institute of Pondicherry (IFP) offers from the year 2020-2021, one (1) doctoral fellowship that will support the candidate for a period of 3 years to undertake research in the subject described below briefly.

The thesis would be on a transdisciplinary theme that brings together in a broad way the value of pollinators and pollination in advancing sustainable agroecology in the developing tropics. Thus, the candidate should be

a) Trained in Plant Sciences/ Ecology/ Entomology at the Masters Level with a preferred exposure to pollen studies (palynology) which will be the chief method used in this study.

b) Willing to work in a transdisciplinary way specifically interfacing with farmers, ecologists, researchers and specifically members of the local food system platform led by IFP ( The ultimate aim here is to help develop a protocol for long term observations on pollinators

 c) Willing to dedicate time on field, laboratory and microscopic studies – all of which will be core to the PhD work.

The thesis will be in the framework of a recent transdisciplinary project at the IFP titled: “From Bees for Honey to Bees for pollination: Towards sustainable agroecological practices through the creation of anatmosphere forbees and other native pollinators”. The focus is on the role of native pollinating insects and in particular the Indian honey bee (Apisceranaindica) in improving plant productivity in the context of organic agriculture, and plant diversity in the context of biodiversity studies using a broad basedscience-society approach. Thus, what is envisaged is a paradigm shift in understanding the role of pollinators, specifically honey bees, in tropical agroecosystems and in general in tropical ecologies.


Name of the (co)guides at IFP: Anupama K and Hélène Guétat-Bernard

The scholarship is open to students from all over India, preferably already registered for a PhD at an Indian University or affiliated colleges/ centers recognized by the local University/ UGC. Students with a good potential to register at an Indian University are also welcome to apply.

Applications must consist of 1)A written project proposal summarizing a potential project in the above-mentioned topic and listing the candidate’s previous experience if any in a similar project 2) Detailed CV of the candidate. 3) A certificate of eligibility for registration as a PhD student in an Indian University/ Affiliated Institution.

Selected applicants will be tested and interviewed online by an appropriate selection committee whose decision will be final

Deadline for scholarship applications

The deadline for submitting applications is : June 5, 2020.

The application materials must be sent to: anupama.k@ifpindia.organd

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