A Melissopalynological approach to Ecorestoration
Funding Agency(ies):
Principal Investigator(s):
Dr. K. Anupama (IFP), S. Prasad (IFP), Lipi Das (SAICE), Prakash Patel (SAICE)
Start Date : 
Duration : 
5+2 years
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Axis 2. of the Ecology Department /
To jointly conduct interdisciplinary research in the field of Melissopalynology and Honeybee Ecology in south India through systematic collection and analyses of honey samples and monitoring of surrounding vegetation.
Materials and methods:

This research study will be based on experiments and field work at the Lake Estate of Sri Aurobindo Ashram, Pondicherry, in a wasteland covering approximately 100 acres (c.40ha.) near Ousteri, about 10km. west of Pondicherry town, begun in 1979 for education and research in ecology and the environment

Laboratory and Microscopy facilities for carrying out the above mentioned studies will depend mainly on the available infrastructure at the IFP with facilities for the same being developed in tandem by the Project Ecolake.

External team members:
  • Mrs. Lipi Das (SAICE)
  • Mr. Prakash Patel (SAICE)
Main outputs:
  • Publications (3) and and PhD Thesis (1)


Staff ( IFP & External )

ANUPAMA K., Researcher
PRASAD S., Research Engineer
LAZAR J., Research assistant