Map archives

The Institute is presently endowed with a collection of nearly 3,000 maps on India and South and Southeast Asia, around 1,200 topographic maps of the Anglo-Saxon scale (1 inch/1mile) dating from the first half of the 20th century and an equal number of topographic maps at the metric scale (most of them 1/50,000 and nearly 200 sheets at 1/250,000) obtained from the Survey of India and covering most of the Indian subcontinent. Around 500 thematic maps of other South and Southeast Asian countries (vegetation, soil, geology, meteorology, etc.) at highly varying scales, mainly from the 50’s, are also preserved here.

About 100 recent satellite images (hard copy and in digitized form) covering mostly South India, have been assembled. These documents, gathered in the course of past and present projects, will henceforth constitute the primary sources of reference for researchers from various disciplines working at the Institute.

A database of these cartographic documents maintained by the Geomatics laboratory is locally accessible through an interactive application using logical and geographic criteria.

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