Critical Edition of Sukshmagama
Funding Agency(ies):
French Institute of Pondicherry
Principal Investigator(s):
Dr. T. Ganesan, Dr. Marie Luce Barazer-Billoret
Start Date : 
Duration : 
7 years
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Axis 2. of the Indology Department /

The Saiva Agama-s are one of the fundamental canonical texts that serve as the basis for the Religio-phiosophical system of Saivasiddhanta that are still in use and practice. The French Institute of Pondicherry from its inception has been engaged in collecting the manuscripts of the Saiva Agama-s, critically editing and publishing those that are unpublished. Rauravagama, Ajitagama, Matangaparamesvaragama, Mrigendragama, Diptagama, Kiranagama, are some of the Saiva Agama-s that have been critically edited on the basis of the available manuscripts and have been published.

The Sukshmagama is one such important text that is being critically edited of which 2 volumes have so far been published and the 3rd one is under preparation due to appear by the beginning of 2018.

Materials and methods:

The available manuscripts of the Sukshmagama housed in the prestigious UNESCO Memory of the World collection of the French Institute of Pondicherry is the basic resource for the project.

The critical edition is prepared after collating all the manuscripts and restoring the original reading as far as possible strictly on philological principles taking into account the subject on hand at the same time.

External team members:
  • Prof. Bruno Dagens, Professeur émérite, University Paris III-Sorbonne nouvelle, member of the UMR 7528
  • Dr. Marie Luce barazer-Billoret, Senior lecturer, Université Paris III-Sorbonne nouvelle, member of UMR 7528
Main outputs:
  • Sukshmagama, Vol 1 and Vol.2. Vol. 3 (forthcoming, 2018)

Staff ( IFP & External )

GANESAN T., Head of the Department
SAMBANDAN S., Research assistant