A comprehensive history of Śaivasiddhānta in Tamilnadu
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French Institute of Pondicherry
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Dr. T. Ganesan
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The Saivasiddhanta is one of the ancient religio-philosophical systems. It was wide spread in many parts of India as well as in many countries of the South-East Asia since the first millennium. It is still very much in practice--both in private and in public—in Tamilnadu. In the course of its spread and development since the second millennium in the Tamil country, many texts have been composed in the form of commentaries, elucidations and manuals dealing with rituals and philosophical doctrines. The French Institute of Pondicherry possesses a rich collections of such texts, composed in Sanskrit and Tamil, in the form of manuscripts.

A detailed analytical study of all the available works of some of the important Saiva authors who lived in Tamilnadu is undertaken by highlighting their contributions for the development of Saivasiddhanta in the domain of rituals and doctrines.

Materials and methods:

The available manuscripts of Saiva texts  housed in the prestigious UNESCO Memory of the World collection of the French Institute of Pondicherry is the basic resource for the project.

All the available works of important Saiva authors who lived in Tamilnadu are analytically studied with a view to highlight their contributions for the development and spread of Saivasiddhanta principles.

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