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Peer-reviewed journal articles

DURAND N., GUNNELL Y., CURMI P. and AHMAD S.M., 2007. Pedogenic carbonates on Precambrian silicate rocks in South India: origin and paleoclimatic significance, Quaternary International - The Soil Record of Quaternary Climate Change, 162-163 : 35-49. [Publisher link]
DURAND N., GUNNELL Y., CURMI P. and AHMAD S.M., 2006. Pathways of calcrete on weathered silicate rocks in Tamil Nadu, India: mineralogy, chemistry and paleoenvironmental implications, Sedimentary Geology, 192 : 1-18. [Publisher link]

Conference papers (published)

DURAND N., CURMI P., GUNNELL Y., HAMELIN B. and AHMAD S.M., 2003. Sr isotopic tracing and U-series dating of calcrete on Precambrian basement rocks: implications for climate change in semi-arid part of Peninsular India, In: Anupama K., Achyuthan H. (ed), Late Quaternary Environment Change: Emerging Issues Proceedings of the International PAGES Workshop and training programme, 10th-15th February 2003, and the common seminar at Anna University, Chennai, 8th February 2003, Publication du Départment d'Écologie; 42, Institut Français de Pondichéry, Pondicherry, p. 111-118, ISBN: 78-81-8470-113-5. [Publisher link]